New Operator Forklift Training

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The CFSG Lift Truck / Forklift Operator Training Program consists of a 2 hours classroom theory session presented in an interactive format which covers all aspects of lift truck safety and operation followed byPractical operating training in the warehouse on the required forklift where incorrect operating techniques are identified and corrected and the pre-shift inspection procedures are reviewed. This program will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge to safely and correctly operate your specific class of lift truck(s) and attachments. On Completion operators receive Wallet Card certification and record of Training. CFSG programs meet or exceed the CSA Standard, B335-15 and the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s “Guideline for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks”. CLASSROOM TRAINING CONTENT Current applicable legislation and guidelines Causes of accidents including injury and damage Hazard awareness Operator responsibility Pedestrian awareness Right-of-way Defensive operating Basic and confined area manoeuvring Working at height (lift truck specific) Vehicle stability Load integrity and selection Dock area safety Truck/trailer inspection, loading/offloading Travelling on grades Pre-shift inspection and reporting procedures Battery charging and changing (when applicable) Propane cylinder exchange (when applicable)

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