Scissor Lift / Boom Lift Training

The CFSG Elevated Work Platform Operator Training Program consists of 1 ½ hour classroom training session followed by practical training on the equipment. This program is recommended for new and existing operators of multiple types of elevated work platforms including Scissor Lift ,boom trucks and aerial work platforms. This program will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge and skills to correctly and safely operate your type of elevated work platform specific to your operation.

Current applicable legislation
Vehicle stability
Causes of accidents and injury
Stabilizer systems
Operator responsibility
On-slab versus rough terrain
Pedestrian awareness
Powerline clearances
Fall protection (equipment specific)
Capacity plates
Control systems
Pre-shift inspection and reporting procedures
Work site inspection
Hazard awareness

Although most machines are electrically powered, diesel and propane powered machine are also available. Aerial work platforms are not at all difficult to operate; they all do basically the same thing. This would be to, lift the operator to a specific point and then back down. Unlike other lift machines (forklifts) the traveling speed on these machines is very slow, in comparison. This is also a part of the design built into the machine for safety purposes.

What makes these machines dangerous is the fact that the operator will be working at heights, according to Ministry Of Labour this would imply that the operator should also have Fall Arrest Training before operating any one of these machines.

By taking our scissor lift training course you will qualify to operate anyone of these machines, all you would need is just to familiarize yourself with the controls on the specific machine, be sure you do your pre-operational safety check, ensure you wear your safety harness, follow all the safety rules and only use the lift for what is was designed for.


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