Ladder Safety


The CFSG Ladder Safety Program consists of a 1 1/2 hour in-class training program covering all aspects of ladder safety and set up. This program will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge to safely and correctly work with all types of ladders.

Improper use of a ladder can cause significant injuries. Therefore, provinces across Canada regulate the use of ladders in all workplaces. Workers who are required to work on ladders must obtain the necessary training in order to eliminate the risk of accidents and to avoid worker compensation premiums.

Our ladder safety course is in compliance with related regulations and comprises of hazard identification and control, ladder selection, procedure for ladder inspection, say ladder set-up, safe ladder use, proper care, transportation and storage of ladders.

Current applicable legislation and guidelines
Ladder types
Fall Prevention
OHSA Reg. 851 Section
Pre-use inspection and reporting procedures
Securing ground area
Situations to avoid
Proper set-up & climbing position
Ladder selection, care & storage
Ladder modifications
Vertical access ladder cage

A one hour hands-on component is included when the program is run at the client’s location and relevant ladders and suitable set-up location are readily available.

1 1 /2 hour classroom theory training held on-site at your location
1 hour practical component *

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