Fall Protection (Industrial Application)


Falls from height are the leading cause of accidental death and injury in Ontario. Each day, 80 people are injured from falls at work. According to the WSIB, on average, each injury results in 4 weeks of lost time. The CFSG Fall Protection Training Program is intended for any worker who may at times be required to work at heights where fall protection is required. This program provides workers with the required knowledge to prevent fall related accidents. Participants will be instructed how to select the proper fall protection components for their application and how to correctly use, inspect and maintain their fall protection equipment.

Current applicable legislation and guidelines
Identification of fall hazards
Equipment selection
Understanding anchorage points
Fall protection systems and components
Basic energy dissipation principles
Calculating fall clearances
Rescue plan importance
Standards and regulations
Body support selection and application
Component inspection and maintenance

Most fall arrest equipment users have never in fact been suspended in a body harness and consequently harnesses are often worn incorrectly. To emphasize the critical need for proper harness fit and adjustment, each participant will be correctly fitted with an individual harness and suspended from our tripod rescue system. Demonstrations on incorrect equipment usage will also take place during this segment.


Four-hour classroom program includes both a theory and hands-on segment and may be conducted on-site at your facility or at our training center.


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